Brad Garner Playing The FluteWOW! Yamaha Flutes! Some say they are the voice of song birds and the sounds of nature. If you have ever heard your local school band, a symphony, an orchestra or even chosen songs of pop culture you have likely heard the sounds of a Yamaha flute. People select this brand because the sounds are distinctive, delightful and beautiful. There is definitely a noticeable difference in the lyrical sound of Yamaha flutes.

One of the most widely used brands worldwide they are the choice of students to the most seasoned flutists. It is well known that Yamaha flutes because of their extreme quality engineering and physical traits are not only teacher recommended, but also a choice of top renowned flutists. Having extremely superb mechanics and top quality parts from the metal used to make the tube to the screws used for the keys ensures top quality sound from even the most junior Yamaha flute player.

The three main parts of the flute are the headjoint, body and footjoint. The Yamaha flute headjoint, a vital part of any flute, has been made legendary by the care of the Artisans selected to craft this vital piece. Whether you are a seasoned player with a mature ambrachure or a beginner just learning how to blow to create sound from the Yamaha Flute, this headjoint is superior.

For the body of Yamaha flutes neoprene key padding is used rather than cork. Cork filled key pads can crack, break, fall out and require continual maintenance. The neoprene padding will avoid any leakage and is much more durable than cork and need less maintenance. So the key padding is another great feature of the Yamaha flute because the seal of the padding allows even young fingers the ability to produce a full, clear flute sound.

The Yamaha flute foot joint is also crafted with care as it includes a body marking for positioning of the foot joint. This marking again makes proper flute positioning and playing much simpler for the beginner and provides the more experienced flute player with their own guide based on their individual style and comfort.

Included in the Yamaha flute line are several models which begin with the beginner student level through intermediate to the most seasoned professional. You will have options over time to select from the metal used to craft the flute to the style of the key. Yamaha flutes are made for flute players to grow with and this model is the choice to make when considering purchasing a standard flute. This is a long-standing brand that provides value for your money and beautiful sounds to be heard.