A Yamaha flute, although a tried and tested instrument that withstands the rigors of both stage and studio performance, is still a delicate instrument. As with all other musical instruments, the Yamaha flute requires periodic care and maintenance. A little knowledge about routine cleanup and care can go a long way into making any Yamaha flute provide years of musical fulfillment.

One thing that flutists must be aware of about the Yamaha flute is that its keys are very delicate and they can be easily bent out of shape. Bent keys will turn any flute into useless metal tubing and warranty never covers the cost of their repair.. During assembly and disassembly, flutists should only pick up every component of the flute by the edges and not by the keys. Routine maintenance is a must after immediate use of the Yamaha flute.

To begin routine maintenance on a Yamaha flute, a flautist needs a cleaning rod (usually comes with the flute), cleaning gauze (a very absorbent, lint-free piece of cloth), a polishing cloth (another lint-free piece of cloth) and some pad cleaning paper (cigarette wrapping paper). Flutists may choose to purchase a pre-packaged Yamaha flute maintenance kit that contains all these items plus an instruction card or acquire the maintenance materials separately.

First step in flute maintenance is drying the Yamaha flute. After disassembling the flute, take the cleaning rod, insert the cleaning cloth through the hole of the rod, and pull approximately 3 inches. Twist the rod so the cloth wraps around the rod and begin cleaning/drying the inside of the body, foot joint, and head joint.. After cleaning, take the polishing cloth and gently remove any fingerprints or marks from the instrument’s surface. If sticky pads are encountered, place a piece of pad cleaning paper underneath the key, gently close the key, allow it to settle for a while, open the key and remove the paper. While some problems with adjustment screws, springs and joints are repairable by the flautist himself, it is best to see a technician for such problems. Simple maintenance measures can make any Yamaha flute last a long time.