Whether you are a student or a professional, finding the perfect flute is at least partly a matter of personal preference. What “feels” correct to one musician might not work so well for another. Fortunately, Yamaha makes several models of flutes for both amateurs and professionals.

The YFL-221 standard student flute is in the key of C, with an offset-G (to be more reachable with the pinkie finger) and silver plated finish. All three pieces, headjoint, body, and footjoint are made of nickel-silver. The bumpers are made of Neoprene rather than cork for longevity.

The YFL-321 is another C flute with offset-G, but this one has some extra features for better tone resonance. It has an undercut and beveled embouchure hole for more sensitive response. The posts are stronger, adjustment screws are easily accessible, and there is a body marking for positioning the footjoint properly. The head is sterling silver, with a silver plated nickel-silver body, footjoint, and keys.

For professionals, the Yamaha YFL584H is a French model with an in-line G and a B-footjoint, which allows the range to go lower than those with a regular footjoint. The head is sterling silver EC cut, with a silver plated nickel silver body, keys, and footjoint. It has French style pad cups and arms. This flute has superior tone quality and white gold springs for great response. The tone core is tightly focused in all ranges.

Another professional model is the Yamaha YFL684H. It has in-line G keying and the outstanding tone quality that comes from sterling silver construction. The embouchure hole is undercut for accurate articulation, and like the 584H it has white gold springs for optimum action and a low B footjoint.

The YFL784H has sterling silver construction throughout, for unparalleled tone and response. Its tapered pivot screws make for easy, accurate adjustment. This is a top of the line flute.

The main differences between Yamaha standard and professional flutes are the type of materials from which they are made. Generally, the higher-end flutes have more sterling silver, while the standard models have less. But all are made with traditional Yamaha quality control.

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