The typical function of the Yamaha flute is to provide melodic or lead lines in both orchestra and ensemble settings. It is an agile, monophonic instrument, meaning that the flute can only play one note a time, making it ideal for such tasks. However, solo, unaccompanied flute music exists.. The task may be daunting but with adequate preparation, any flautist can tackle solo pieces with a Yamaha flue.

The sort of fundamentals a flautist needs to tackle solo pieces with his Yamaha flute are a good tone, good rhythmic sense, good fluency in scales and arpeggios, and a good understanding of the music itself. Having a good rhythmic sense cannot be understated. When reading the sheet for the first time, it would be good for a flautist to tap the rhythm of the music first before attempting to play it on the Yamaha flute.

It is pretty standard for many flutists to practice scales and arpeggios in all keys. Even though there will always be difficult keys to play on the Yamaha flute, practicing them would certainly arm any flautist with the needed physical skill to tackle any solo flute piece. Analyzing and understanding the piece is important. In a solo, fugal flute piece like Telemann’s Fantasia in F-sharp Minor, both melody /subject and accompaniment/answer are written in a single line with the high-register notes outlining the main theme or subject and the lower register arpeggios and flourishes as accompaniment or answer to the subject. Placing appropriate accents on both main melody and “accompaniment” makes solo pieces such as the Telemann fantasias, Debussy’s “Syrinx”, and even Edgard Varese’s “Density 21.5″ work well with a Yamaha flute.

After playing through a solo flute piece on first reading, a flautist can them move on to polish the music by practicing about 4 to 12 bars at a time until mastery is achieved. Tackle the most difficult sections first and memorize the finger movements, and then move on to dynamics, accents, and other finer details. The flautist has to practice section by section until the completion of the music on a Yamaha flute.