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Playing the flute has been a source of joy to me throughout my life. The instrument is beautiful to look at and listen to and can be so versatile. The size of the flute makes it easy to transport almost anywhere to share and enjoy its music. It’s easy enough to play that budding flautists can begin young. Teaching a child to play the flute will give them a foundation for years of musical enjoyment.

Where to Begin?

It’s great to start young when learning an instrument. Young children absorb information easily and are usually eager to begin. But remember not to set a child up for discouragement by beginning too early. The child needs to be physically large enough to hold the flute. Fingers should comfortably reach the keys when the flute is held up to playing position. In addition, children should be mature enough to discipline themselves for regular lessons and practice. I have found that 11 years old is about right for most students.

Small children may benefit from a curved head joint which shortens the flute allowing little fingers to more easily play. As the child grows, the curved head joint may be replaced with a straight one. Some student flutes come with both head joints included. Many children can bypass the curved head joint and begin with a straight one.

Finding A Quality Flute

Your choice of an instrument will make all the difference in your child’s success playing the flute. A quality flute in perfect playing condition is essential. Many students begin with used instruments that have not been played or serviced in years. It is difficult or impossible for a child to have good results with such a flute. I like to give a child all the advantages possible with a quality flute that’s easy to play. When they hear themselves making a beautiful sound on their flute, they will be motivated to continue and hear more!

Fine Flutes Need Not Be New or Expensive!

Just because a flute needs to be playing perfectly, does not mean it needs to be new or costly. An older flute can be restored to fine working order on the condition that your repair technician is qualified and experienced. Flutes that have been thoroughly cleaned, oiled and adjusted and play tested by a professional will provide you with years of satisfaction at a very reasonable price. Many such quality affordable flutes are available online.

Where to Find a Quality Pre-owned Flute

Everyone wants to find a quality instrument at a great price. These flutes are out there if you know where to look. Online is a good place to start if you remember never to buy a flute that does not offer a money back guarantee. You need to be able to try the flute and have it looked at by a professional once it arrives to assure quality. Quality cheap flutes online do exist. Avoid auctions or other websites that do not specialize in flutes. Stick to quality brand names such as Yamaha, Gemeinhardt, Armstrong, Bundy, Vito and Artley.

Favor sites that have a phone number. Calling for free professional advice can be very valuable! Ideally a flute teacher or technician will be available to answer any questions you may have and help you find a flute you and your child will be happy with for years to come.

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